A trip to the whales

...and other children�s dreams

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Directed by:
 Ulrike Franke, Michael Loeken
Written by:
 Ulrike Franke, Michael Loeken
 Joerg Adams
Location Sound:
 Maarten van de Voort, Axel Schmidt, Csaba Kulcsar
 Marc Schubert
Commissioning editor:
 Dagmar Filoda, NDR
 75 Min.
Year of Production:
Andreas is 15 years old. He has cancer. Since seeing the movie "Free Willy", his interest on whales grew stronger than ever before. Just once in his life he wanted to see them in free nature. The non-profit association "Herzenswünsche e. V." has helped Andreas too fulfil his greatest dream.

Children's dreams � Jacqueline (13/cancer) wants to visit a car-race, Sven (7/lame from the shoulders to his feet ) makes the best of the situation as he loves to listen to exciting stories. Hopefully their dreams will also be fulfilled....
Die Reise zu den Walen, Filmsequenz

Sven auf dem Boot

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