Mark Constantine � Founder Of Lush

Directed by:
 Ulrike Franke, Michael Loeken
Written by:
 Ulrike Franke, Michael Loeken
 Dieter Stürmer
Location Sound:
 Ute Haverkämper
 Guido Krajewski
 Maciej Sledziecki
Line Producer:
 Jorge Bogalho
Commissioning editor:
 Sabine Rollberg
Year of Production:
Mark Constantine, bird lover and alternative entrepreneur, made his fortune from cosmetics and fragrances. 15 years ago, he and a couple of friends opened the first of his incredibly bright soap shops with the unusual name of LUSH. Like the founder himself, the cosmetics firm is dedicated to global ecological issues.

Everything that he does and defines is characterised by unconventionality, creativity and individuality. For example, the nature fan and staunch vegetarian does not own a driver�s license to this day because of his ecological convictions. He calls himself a �man of senses� and so his shops also appeal to the senses of their visitors: the sense of smell by the intense fragrances, the sense of touch by being able to touch the products, the sense of sight by the garish colours. His other passion: bird-watching. In the interim, he has become a leading name in the world of bioacoustics and networks with renowned ornithologists from around the world. Perfume and birdsong � for Mark Constantine these are two sides of the same coin: both require no theory and no words to act directly on our deepest feelings. The film draws a portrait of an entrepreneur who has made his passion the defining principle of both his professional and private lives.
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